GTA Kitchen Renovations - where Function and Style go together like Food and Drink

A beautiful kitchen which marries function and style together does not happen overnight.  It requires time on everyone’s part to ensure it meets your family’s needs today and in the future.   Most homeowners focus on the style part (“we must have the granite countertops!”) without ever thinking through whether the kitchen functions properly for the family.  For example, a young couple with busy work lives which occasionally have intimate dinners for small groups may have very different needs than a family of 4 who have regular, extended family gatherings in the heart of their home.  Make time for the proper planning and interior design of your new kitchen to ensure it meets your needs.

Invest time upfront to renovate properly

RQ takes time to ask questions to ensure we are your complete partners in helping you plan and design a renovation that will suit your needs. Did you just move in recently?  Is your family growing?  Are your kids moving out?  Are you parents or grandparents moving in?  Are you selling your home soon?  Do you have a budget and timeline?  Hardwood floors or laminate floors?  Do you need to upgrade or move your plumbing and electrical?  New appliances?  Ceramic tile or glass tiles? These questions and others will help shape your renovation in ways you may not have considered and will ultimately put your unique stamp on your home decor.  We aren’t just the construction guys who can remove walls, move plumbing, add electrical fixtures, drywall, and a new splash of paint - we partner with you to better meet your family’s needs today and tomorrow.

We help you use space wisely

There are so many benefits that can be achieved with your new kitchen renovation.  We can help you improve on your existing space by better using your vertical space and corners, plus we can suggest improvements with products which are much easier ergonomically.  How about a drawer for your pots and pans rather than the deep cabinet you currently have trouble with? How about simple complimentary paint colours which bring out the colours of the tiles?

Rely on Professional Expertise in Construction

Once we have had a consultation with you on your needs and requirements, we can certainly help you with the following

  • Complete demolition of existing space to the studs
  • Removal and haul away of construction debris
  • Licensed plumbers and electricians for all plumbing and electrical work
  • Installation of all
    • Cabinets, sinks, faucets, appliances
    • Countertops
    • Backsplashes, tiling, painting
    • Floors including ceramic, hardwood, laminate, etc

RQ’s kitchen expertise can save you money and headaches

One of RQ’s primary strength and experience is with Kitchen renovations in residential, high rise or commercial applications.  We have the experts on hand including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, drywall, tiling, and flooring to project manage your dream design into your dream reality.

Rely on RQ Renovations’ 15 years experience and our pride in delivering quality work at a fair price, with a special emphasis on customer service to start and complete your project on time and on the budget.

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